5 Low-Tech Tips to Up Your Game


Lastly, something that is going to improve your hunt is to talk…a lot. 

What do I mean by that? 

When you start videoing hunts, inevitably you or someone else is going to have to edit the footage. When you talk to the camera you explain to the editor what is going on, where we are, time of day, weather, etc. 

Assume your viewer is dumb and they have to be told every aspect of the hunt. This talking is going to add structure and value to you and the viewer. No one wants to see a montage of squirrels and leaves all the time. Give us some information.

If you can build these simple steps into your routine, it will greatly enhance the quality of your content this hunting season. Hopefully this will help you improve your production in the days ahead. If you ever need or want more info, head over to Redneck Tech Podcast on IG and Apple Podcasts. 

Tell Stories, Be Creative, Hunt Often.

Source link: https://www.bowhunting.com/blog/2020/09/14/self-filming-your-hunt-5-low-tech-tips-to-up-your-game/ by Caleb Copeland at www.bowhunting.com