Small Game, Big Bang: Best Rifles for the Hunt

Hunt hunting rifle

Hunting small game presents a unique set of challenges that demand accuracy, finesse, and knowledge of the critters you’re pursuing. While the variety of rifles available for this purpose is vast, there’s a standout that, in my book, is the ideal companion for any small game hunter.

The Clear Winner: .22 LR Rifles

Sniper rifle .22 lr with scope put on firewood.

Ah, the .22 Long Rifle – a classic, reliable, and versatile choice. Whether you’re a novice taking your first steps into the world of hunting or a seasoned hunter with countless expeditions under your belt, the .22 LR is often hailed as the ultimate rifle for small game hunting.

VNSH Holster

Why it stands out

Accuracy and Precision: The .22 LR’s reputation for pinpoint accuracy is well-deserved. Whether you’re hunting squirrels in the dense woods of East Texas or groundhogs in open fields, this rifle ensures that you hit your target with minimal damage, preserving the quality of the meat and fur.

Lightweight and Maneuverable: Hunting small game often involves moving quietly and quickly through dense underbrush. The .22 LR’s lightweight nature allows for easy handling, ensuring you won’t get bogged down.

Affordable Ammunition: The .22 LR ammunition is readily available and affordable. This means you can practice more, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game (pun intended!).

Quiet Shooting: Its relatively quiet shot reduces the chances of spooking other potential targets in the vicinity. Plus, for those who enjoy a peaceful hunting experience, this rifle ensures the serenity of nature isn’t broken by deafening gunshots.

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Perfect Prey for the .22 LR

Hunters with Catch: Hare, Duck and Pheasant in hand

When armed with a .22 LR, you’re well-equipped to hunt a variety of small game:

Squirrels: Whether it’s the gray, fox, or red variety, squirrels are a classic choice. Their agile movements demand a rifle that can offer swift, precise shots.

Rabbits: From cottontails to jackrabbits, these critters require a quick and accurate shot, something the .22 LR delivers with aplomb.

Groundhogs and Prairie Dogs: These burrowers can be a challenge due to their keen senses and fast reflexes. The .22 LR’s accuracy ensures you can make the shot count before they retreat underground.

Raccoons: Often hunted for their fur, raccoons need a clean shot to ensure the pelt remains undamaged. The .22 LR is perfect for this task.

VNSH Holster

While personal preferences play a significant role in rifle selection, it’s hard to argue against the practicality and performance of the .22 LR for small game hunting. Its perfect blend of precision, ease of use, affordability, and quiet shooting makes it the go-to choice for many. Whether you’re after a rabbit for supper or a raccoon for its fur, the .22 LR is a trusty companion that ensures success in the field. So, the next time you gear up for a small game hunting trip, consider taking along the ever-reliable .22 LR – it’s a choice you won’t regret.

What is your Rifle of Choice for hunting small game? Let us know in the comment’s below!


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