​With hunting season just around the corner, its never too early to start thinking about your scent-reduction plan. Having said that, it has always been my belief that I cannot completely eliminate my odor from the nose of a whitetail. Therefore, my goal has always been to reduce it to the point that if/when a buck does smell me, it will be so faint that he will believe I am 200 yards away, when in fact I am 20 yards away; at full draw, ready to let an arrow fly.

Here is what I do in order to achieve that goal.

  1. The Body: One month out I start using Clorophill Pills, shaving with some sort of odor-free Body Gel and restain from using any type of cologne or scented deodorant.
  2. Shower/Post Shower: I use only Scent-Free Soap (even on non-hunting days). I dry off on a completely scent-free towel (no Downy). After drying off, I cover myself in a scent-free body foam and dress in scent-free travel clothes.
  3. Travel to Hunting Area: I do not stop for breakfast or gas. Those things are taken care of before I leave.
  4. Cleaning My Hunting Clothes: I typically run an empty load in the washer using scent-free soap only and I spray the drier with scent-free spray. My clothes are kept in airtight containers until I am at my location and ready to get dressed. My hunting clothes are never worn anywhere but the woods. No exceptions.
  5. ATV’S… If I’m hunting with friends, I either hang back or I lead the pack in order to avoid fumes.
  6. Walking to the Stand: I only wear base layers, even when temps are cold, in order to keep perspiration and scent down. Less sweat will also keep you warmer after you settle in to your stand.
  7. Use Cover Sprays: There are a ton of scent-elimination sprays on the market. My favorite is ElimiShield Hunt.
  8. Post Hunt: I change back into my travel clothes for the ride home.
  9. Work Out: This may sound odd, but the better shape I am in, the less energy I use climbing mountains and hanging stands, thus, the less I sweat.
  10. Scent Traps: Pay attention to things like treestand seats, backpacks, hats, release-aid straps, and boots. These Items get a thorough cleaning before every hunt when possible.


Depending on the slope below your stand, your scent will be carried out and over the deer before it hits the ground. Consider the distance to trails on the down-wind side before hanging your stand. Too close or too far can hurt you. I like to keep trails no further than 25-30 yards away.

Also, consider this when it comes to thermals.

In the mornings, set up above trails—warming thermals will carry your scent upward.

In the evenings, set up below trails—cooling thermals will carry your scent downward.

Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: August 3, 2020

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