Bow Speed vs. Arrow Weight: Which is More Important?


 Now, if I haven’t yet convinced you that a stout arrow is more important than velocity, consider the following account.

A dark figure appeared like a ghost in the waning daylight. I motioned for my mother to ready her Mathews bow for the approaching opportunity. As the gorgeous black bear arrived at the bait, she drew, but was unable to distinguish features in order to place a lethal arrow, so she let down. A second time she drew, and the laying bear caught the movement and stood on all fours. A split second later, the arrow completely blew right through the bear just behind its shoulder. Death moans signaled that the bear had run only 30 yards and was down just seconds after the impact.

The bear wasn’t a giant, but a stout 200-pound sow, nonetheless. My mother’s Mathews Mustang — the hunt was back in 2007 — delivered the pass-through shot despite its weak specs — 42 pounds and a 24-inch draw length pushing a 350-grain arrow. I’ve witnessed lots of archery hits on game, but that one clarified that speed, alone, doesn’t kill. Nothing replaces arrow placement from a well-tuned bow pushing an appropriately-weighted arrow. 

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