Bowhunting Velvet Bucks in Kentucky


It’s been said that early season velvet buck hunts typically come down to a 30 minute window of opportunity before dark. You can sit there all afternoon, but your hunt is often wrapped up in that half hour before last light. 

And despite an entertaining parade of activity by the does and fawns, the buck action held true to showing up after 7:00pm. 

I was surrounded by does and fawns on the oak ridge when two bucks came side-hilling the ridge in front of me. The largest buck led the way and crossed in front of me, just 18 yards away. I needed to stand to shoot through an opening in front of me, but I was pinned down with a couple of curious does giving me the evil eye. However, as the buck passed by me, the does focused on him instead of me. It was my chance to make a move. 

I eased up from a seated position and did my best to quietly turn for a shot. I would have one small window in the canopy of limbs to shoot through before the buck was gone. I came to full draw as the buck approached the opening, squatted to clear a few limbs and let the arrow fly as the buck stopped on cue at 23 yards. 

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