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Choosing the Right Optic Combination for Your Hunt

Put Your Optics to Work for You on Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunters invest hard work, dedicate valuable time, and go the extra mile to do their part to make a hunt come together. Gear is put to the test, as well as the strength and endurance of a hunter’s body and emotions. It’s critical, when a hunt comes together, to have the best tools and equipment that are right for you and your hunt. Choosing the right optics is a paramount decision for big game hunting, especially hunting big country like the vast expanses of the west.  

An investment in quality optics and advanced improvements in optics technology should be considered a critical component of your hunt. Your choice in optics will weigh heavily on methods and opportunities for success. Putting those tools to work in an efficient and dynamic approach makes your hunts more productive and rewarding. The keystone optics aside from your rifle scope on the hunt, include binoculars, range finder, and spotting scope. Consider the synergy between the tools in your kit, how they can efficiently be used in conjunction with one another, and any efficiencies one tool can offer the other, either in pairing or in practice.



Rangefinder and Binocular Combination   

For decades, the optics toolkit for almost any big game hunt included a quality pair of binoculars, and a quality range finder. Both of these tools are critical to the hunt, both for finding and targeting game, and for accuracy. Optics companies have played around with the idea of a combined rangefinder / binocular combination unit for years, often resulting in good binoculars that were decent at range finding, or a good range finder with decent binoculars.  


Vortex Fury Laser Rangefinding Binoculars 

Vortex Optics has found a winner by combining their trusted 10X42 roof prism binoculars with their dependable laser range finder, producing an all in one critical tool for the hunt and the hunter. The Fury optics line by Vortex offers versatility, convenience, speed and efficiency in the field with dual purpose functionality. Vortex Fury range finding binoculars combine the advantages of high definition binocular lenses with an angle compensated laser range finder.


Advantages of Rangefinding Binoculars 

Combining Binoculars and Rangefinder Offers Less to Keep Track of 

By combining two critical tools into one compact and easy to use package, the hunter is offered a level of ease, and has only one tool to look after. When you’re engaged in the hunt, making considerations and deciding tactics for things like wind, topography, and terrain; having one less tool to worry about being left behind, staying clean, keeping dry, and in kept working order is huge.  


Glassing and Ranging Behind a Single Optic 

A rangefinder / binocular combination offers hunters the ability to quickly and seamlessly both glass and range during long glassing sessions, on a spot and stalk, or during fast action. Providing the capability to focus on a distant object with quality binoculars and determine the conclusive range to that object without having to lower the binoculars, and find the target again in a new optic is incredible. Glassing distant ridges, canyons, and tree lines behind powerful binoculars with the ability to simply push a button for an accurate range is a game changer for the hunter who lets their optics do the leg work.



Using Rangefinding Binoculars with a Hunting Partner 

Hunting fellowship and friendships are a critical part of the outdoor and hunting adventure experience. Whether you share your trips with family or a certain group of exceptional friends who appreciate your passion, learning tactics for hunting together can put you in a fantastic position to fill that tag.  

Glassing sessions and spot and stalk hunts with a glassing team will put more eyes on the terrain and on the big game you pursue. Exceptional rangefinding binoculars offer a spotter the ability to track a wide field of view, and range quickly and efficiently, especially moving targets. Putting eyes on a group of moving game animals and your hunting partner on the stalk at the same time with the convenience of push button ranges is a game changer. Communication through hand signals between spotter and shooter with accurate ranges and not having to switch optics from binos to range finder can mean the difference between making the shot happen, and getting busted.


Rangefinding Binoculars Pair Perfectly with a Spotting Scope



Spotting scopes are must have tools for finding big game in big country. Their ability to bring far off objects close, collect light in low light conditions, and focus on details of remote objects is critical. With a quality spotting scope, you can not only find that far off game animal, but examine it in detail without putting miles on your boots. Spotting scopes allow you to scout miles of territory, distant ridges, remote water holes, and far off canyons efficiently and strategically; letting your eyes do the work and saving your legs for the hunt. Use a quality spotting scope like the Vortex Viper lineup to not only identify far off game animals, but to pick out landmarks and plan travel corridors according to the topography and the wind.   

While spotting scopes provide a crucial and integral part of your hunting strategy, they inherently have a vulnerability of tunnel vision. The same proficiency that offers magnified detail and the ability to concentrate on small areas of far off geography, also bears the susceptibleness of losing sight of the larger picture. The constricted vision of a spotting scope can be like wearing blinders, even losing relationship to the distance to far off objects. Pairing the wide field of view offered by binoculars with the focus of a spotting scope is an amazingly effective glassing strategy. Through incorporating rangefinding binoculars into the mix, you’ve put together the ultimate toolkit. All the advantages that the rangefinder binoculars bring to bear on the hunt are magnified when paired with a spotting scope.



Choosing the Right Hunting Optics 

Big game hunting seasons seem to always be on the edge. Opportunities come and go, and your ability to capitalize on those opportunities when they present themselves can be the difference between a filled tag and going home empty handed. Putting together a glassing strategy that incorporates the right tools and tactics for your hunt is a sure way to get ahead of the curve. Consider advantages in optics technology, scouting and glassing strategies, and the return on your investment when it comes to quality optics for your hunt. 



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Can You Hunt Enough To Feed Your Family For YEARS?

Survival Cave Food is here.

As masters of the hunt, you understand the thrill and satisfaction of providing for your family through your skills in the wilderness. However, relying solely on hunting and trapping may not be enough to ensure your family’s well-being in times of crisis. The stark reality is that whatever you’re able to hunt may not be sufficient to feed yourselves and your loved ones. At Survival Cave Food, we recognize the importance of having a reliable backup supply to augment your hunting efforts and provide peace of mind during emergencies.

Why Survival Cave Food?

Our commitment to providing the best survival foods is driven by a deep understanding of the challenges hunters face. While your hunting skills are impressive, unpredictable circumstances such as extreme weather, dwindling game populations, or even natural disasters can significantly impact your ability to procure food. Survival Cave Food offers a range of premium emergency food solutions meticulously crafted to augment your hunting efforts and provide long-term sustenance for you and your famil

A Reliable Backup for Your Hunting Success

Survival Cave Food stands as your dependable backup supply for the best survival foods. Our freeze-dried meals and high-quality canned meats are carefully crafted to provide essential nutrients and support your family’s well-being, complementing your hunting skills. Don’t let uncertainties in the wilderness leave you and your loved ones hungry – our products offer a reliable solution to ensure your family’s needs are met, no matter the circumstances.

Supporting Your Hunting Lifestyle

As skilled hunters, you’ve honed your craft and pride yourselves on providing for your family. Survival Cave Food aligns with these values, empowering you to maintain your independence and self-sufficiency while also being prepared for the unexpected. Our products not only offer sustenance but also peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared to support your family’s needs through any challenge.

Made with Care, Trusted by Hunters

At Survival Cave Food, we take pride in our products, which are made with care and integrity. Our canned meats and freeze-dried meals are not just provisions; they’re essential components of your hunting lifestyle. Whether you’re stocking up for emergencies, planning hunting trips, or simply seeking convenient, nutritious options for your family, our products deliver on quality and reliability.

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Don’t let uncertainties in the wilderness leave you vulnerable. Take proactive measures to ensure your family’s well-being with Survival Cave Food. Explore our range of premium survival foods and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared to provide for your family, no matter what lies ahead.

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Rangefinders: Advanced Techniques for Enhanced Hunting Success


The utility of rangefinders in hunting extends far beyond their fundamental purpose of determining accurate distances for shooting. While commonly associated with aiding marksmanship, rangefinders can be leveraged in innovative ways to optimize hunting strategies and increase efficiency in the field. For both novice and seasoned hunters alike, mastering advanced techniques with rangefinders can significantly enhance the overall hunting experience. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into two distinct but invaluable techniques for utilizing rangefinders to their fullest potential.

Strategic Stalking: Planning with Precision

Hunter Education Course. Hunting in Russia. Nature places for hunting

One of the most profound realizations among hunters is the strategic value of rangefinders in planning stalks. Beyond mere navigation toward the prey, identifying optimal shooting positions can be a game-changer in hunting success.

Consider a scenario where a hunter spots a deer bedded downhill, with a prominent boulder positioned behind it. Traditional wisdom dictates estimating the distance to the deer and planning a route accordingly. However, the innovative use of a rangefinder elevates this approach to a new level of precision.

By ranging both the deer and the boulder, the hunter gains critical insight into the landscape’s geometry. Suppose the deer is determined to be 500 yards away, while the boulder registers at 547 yards. This data reveals that reaching the boulder would position the hunter approximately 47 yards from the deer. Armed with this knowledge, the hunter can strategize the approach, confident in the understanding of potential shooting distances.

Dynamic Distance Assessment: On-the-Move Tactics

Hunter with hunting gun and hunting form to hunt

In dynamic hunting scenarios where targets are mobile or their exact locations are uncertain, rangefinders emerge as indispensable tools for real-time distance assessment. Rather than relying on fixed objects for reference, hunters can adopt a proactive approach by utilizing rangefinders while on the move.

Imagine stalking a buck actively rutting in dense woodland. In such scenarios, maintaining situational awareness and adaptability are paramount. Here, the continuous use of a rangefinder proves invaluable.

Equipped with a rangefinder, the hunter can seamlessly integrate distance assessment into their movements. With each step, the hunter periodically scans the terrain ahead, utilizing the rangefinder to gauge distances to potential targets. This streamlined approach minimizes unnecessary movement and ensures readiness for decisive action.

In the dynamic and unpredictable world of hunting, mastery of advanced techniques with rangefinders can be a game-changer. By embracing strategic stalking and dynamic distance assessment, hunters can optimize their hunting strategies and increase their chances of success in the field. 

Whether planning meticulous stalks or maintaining situational awareness on the move, the versatility of rangefinders empowers hunters to navigate diverse hunting scenarios with confidence and precision. As hunters continue to explore the boundless possibilities of rangefinder application, the pursuit of the game becomes not just a challenge, but a deeply rewarding adventure fueled by innovation and expertise.

Do you have any tips for using rangefinders? Leave them in the comments below.

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Which Round Is Best For Hunting Wild Hogs?


In the vast tapestry of American wildlife management, few creatures present as perplexing a challenge as the wild hog. Revered for its delectable meat yet reviled for its destructive impact on ecosystems, the wild hog embodies a unique dichotomy in the realm of hunting. With festivals dedicated to their honor amidst the havoc they wreak, these invasive species demand a nuanced approach from hunters.

Understanding the Complexity

Herd of wild hogs rooting in the forest for food

To embark on a successful hog hunting expedition, one must grasp the intricate interplay between pest control and recreational pursuit. The wild hog’s adaptability and resilience render it a formidable adversary, requiring hunters to employ strategic tactics and appropriate equipment. Amidst this backdrop, the choice of cartridge emerges as a pivotal decision, wielding significant implications for the outcome of the hunt.

Harnessing Firepower

In the arsenal of hog hunters, cartridges serve as the cornerstone of their strategy. Each cartridge offers a unique blend of power, accuracy, and versatility, catering to different hunting scenarios and preferences. Among the plethora of options, certain cartridges have carved out a niche for themselves, earning acclaim for their efficacy in hog hunting.

The .308 Winchester

At the forefront of hog hunting cartridges stands the venerable .308 Winchester, revered for its versatility and widespread availability. With a diverse selection of bullet weights and a proven track record in the field, it remains a steadfast choice for hunters seeking reliability and performance across various hunting conditions.

The 6.5 PRC

For those venturing into the realm of long-range precision hunting, the 6.5 PRC emerges as a compelling option. Combining impressive ballistics with manageable recoil, it empowers hunters to take precise shots with confidence, ensuring ethical kills even at extended distances.

Exploring Short-Range Solutions

In the dense underbrush where wild hogs often roam, short-range encounters demand cartridges capable of delivering decisive stopping power. Among these, the 350 Legend stands out for its potent performance and adaptability, offering hunters a formidable tool for close-quarters engagements.

Unleashing Raw Power

Man hunting with Rifle

In the pursuit of wild hogs, where the stakes are high and the margin for error slim, cartridges renowned for their sheer stopping power reign supreme. The .30-06 Springfield, with its robust energy delivery and wide selection of bullet weights, stands as a testament to this ethos, ensuring that no hog escapes unscathed.

Embracing Innovation


As technology advances and new cartridges emerge, hunters are presented with a wealth of innovative options to explore. Among these, the 300 HAM’R stands out for its unique blend of performance and familiarity, offering hunters a compelling alternative in their quest for hog hunting excellence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of hog hunting, mastery lies not only in marksmanship but also in the thoughtful selection of equipment. By carefully considering factors such as hunting conditions, personal preferences, and ethical considerations, hunters can wield their chosen cartridge as a potent tool in their pursuit of wild hogs. As they navigate the untamed wilderness, armed with knowledge and expertise, they embark on a journey that transcends mere hunting—it becomes a quest for harmony amidst the wild.

What is the best round for hunting hogs in your experience? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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