21 Crave Worthy Cast Iron Desserts

Cast iron is one of the most time tested ways of cooking outdoors. It’s basically indestructible, and with some practice it can handle everything from frying bacon to baking cakes. That versatility is what makes it so popular with campers. You can whip up soups and stews in a snap, but cast iron desserts are also popular among campfire cooking enthusiasts. Because these recipes involve baking, make sure you get a good coal bed going so you can cook slow and low over even heat. Cast iron desserts require patience but they’re so worth it! When it comes to cleanup, we’ll share a little tip with you. The best tool we’ve ever found for cleaning cast iron is a chainmail scrubber. No matter how hard the baked-on bits are they come off easily with a one of these. You’d think that the scrubber would be hard to clean too, but it’s not. Somehow nothing sticks to it. We can’t recommend them enough. Now, on to the desserts!!

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CAST IRON PRO TIP – Always use stainless steel or wood utensils. Cast iron can get very hot, which means that it doesn’t play nicely with plastic spatulas.

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CAST IRON PRO TIP – Never let your pan air dry with water on it, as it could develop rust. Scrub it out (we like chainmail scrubbers), rinse it off, and return it to heat to fully dry it. Add a thin coat of oil back to the pan and store it.

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CAST IRON PRO TIP – If your pan isn’t too dirty you can simply clean it with some salt and oil. Add both to the pan when it’s still warm and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Easy!

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