5 Best Winter Boots For Men

5 Best Winter Boots For Men

While our calendars still tell us it’s technically fall, there’s no denying that we’re right on winter’s doorstep. And that means if you’re not already geared up for slogging through the snow, you haven’t got that much time left to make a decision.

In the spirit of the season, here are a few winter boot suggestions that should keep you marching through March and beyond.

Northside Men’s Back Country Waterproof Pack Boot

This classic boot combines a suede upper with a rubber lower and a plush fur inner liner. We particularly appreciated the chunky rubber sole, which not only looks tough, but can kick through miles of snow without drying, cracking, or splitting down the middle like some outsoles in this price range are prone to doing.

The sole also has a heavy tread, which provides plenty of traction, even on slick rocks and icy trails. And the suede upper is very attractive, with a rugged construction and a soft, velvety finish. The boots are available in black, brown or tan depending on your preferences.

The inside of the boot is exceptionally comfortable. The fur liner is soft and smooth, and a 200-gram Thermolite liner surrounds your entire foot, from your toes up to the tops of your ankles. This liner keeps moisture from seeping into your boot, and helps wick moisture away.

Salomon Men’s Quest Winter GTX Snow Boot

If you prefer a low-ankled boot, the Salomon is an excellent choice. It has a relatively thin sole, but the tread is constructed from hard rubber that wears exceptionally well. The low design means it’s equally well-suited for walking through your neighborhood as it is for hiking a woodland trail, as well as offering plenty of flexibility for your ankle.

Provided you don’t get any snow inside the boot, a GORE-TEX lining does an excellent job of protecting your feet from moisture, which is critical in winter, since virtually all conditions are going to involve some quantity of snow, ice, or water.lining does an excellent job of protecting your feet from moisture, which is critical in winter, since virtually all conditions are going to involve some quantity of snow, ice, or water.

Sorel Men’s Caribou Winter Snow Boot

The Sorel Men’s Caribou Winter Snow Boot is similar to the Northside boot that started our list. It’s a classic design, with a rubber lower and a suede upper, with alternating white and black banding around the lower. The suede upper is available in 9 different colors, including an arctic white and a sharp-looking shale gray.

We liked the soles, which have large studs and a thick, 1 ½-inch heel. This can make it awkward to walk on a level surface, like a road or a parking lot, but it’s fantastic for digging into deep snow, since even if your heels sink you’ll still be able to get plenty of traction to push off from your toes.

The Sorel boots have big, fluffy fur collars at the top that keep snow from getting into the top. And while there’s no waterproof liner, the seams around the tongue are all double stitched and glued for waterproofing.

Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot

If you’re looking for an all-out snow boot for tackling the deepest, most treacherous snow, the Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot is an unbeatable selection. This boot comes almost as high as your knee, with a drawstring at the top for securing the boot from as much snow as possible. This makes it one of the best winter boots for men.

Two support straps are positioned along the length of your calf, and both are independently adjustable, with quick-release buckles that are easy to open in an emergency.

While there’s some leather work around the bottom of the upper, most of the Baffin is constructed from rubber or stitched together from tightly-woven nylon. The heel is thick, at about 1 ½ inches, and there are plenty of grooves in the bottom for traction.

Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

The Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot is a mid-height boot that’s a good compromise between an athletic low ankle design and a higher, more snow-resistant boot. The sole and the lower portion of the topsole are made of rubber, with a wrap-around design that provides protection from water seeping in around the lower seam.

The rest of the boot is stitched from leather, with a rugged finish that can take a beating. It also has a GORE-TEX liner that covers the full extent of the boot, ensuring that you won’t get wet even if you step in a deep puddle or splash across a creek.

The bottom of the boot is studded, similar to a soccer cleat, with a rubber that’s soft enough to be forgiving, but hard enough not to wear too easily. It has a sturdy arch, like an athletic shoe, so walking in snow-free conditions will also be comfortable.

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Date Published: November 12, 2019

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