5 Great Uses For A Rechargeable Hand Warmer

The winters are cold where I live, but that doesn’t stop me from getting outdoors. I’m just as active in the winter as I am in the summer, and cold hands just come with the territory.

I’ve used the traditional Zippo Hand Warmer for the last few years, and while I like it, sometimes I want something that’s a little more grab-and-go. This winter I’ve been using the Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer and I’ve really liked it. As long as I remember to plug it in at the end of the day it’s the perfect companion for winter adventures. The fact that I can use it to keep my phone from dying is a big win in my book. Almost any winter activity I’m taking part in is one where I’ll be snapping pictures, so using it as a backup battery is great.

Check out the video for the other times I’ve been glad that I tossed the Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer in my pocket.

5 Great Uses For A Rechargeable Hand Warmer

#1 : Outdoor Sporting Events

#2 : Ice Fishing

#3 : Outdoor Festivals

#4 : Phone Recharging

#5 : Inside Sleeping Bag


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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: March 21, 2018

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