5 Must Have Items To Fix Camping Gear

Duct tape isn’t the only way to fix camping gear.

Don’t get me wrong, I love duct tape. It works well for many things, but these days there are so many great products that work better for specific scenarios. The following list contains items that have been in my camp box for the last few years, and I swear by them. It’s to the point where I almost want something to go wrong so I can get clever and figure out how to fix camping gear on the trail (almost).

SG-20 Adhesive Repair Sealant

I came across SG-20 at a trade show about five years ago, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t become more popular. The guy had two one foot wooden curtain rods glued together end to end, and the wood would have broken before the bond did. Why do I like SG-20 for the campsite? Because it sets FAST. Like, so fast you better have your act together or you’ll miss your chance. You have about a 30 second window and it’s rock hard in five minutes. It’s incredible stuff if you need to fix camping gear.


Gorilla Tape

I’ll risk blasphemy and say it: duct tape isn’t #1 anymore. In a cage match Gorilla Tape is going to come out on top every time. Anyone who has used it knows it’s a superior product. It’s as simple as that. It’s more expensive than duct tape, but your camping gear is expensive too. Give it the fix it deserves.


Gear Ties

I use Gear Ties on everything from phone cables to tarp construction. But it’s just a piece of wire right? Wrong. It’s a piece of wire with a grippy rubber coating. Big difference. This is what makes them so effective, and the larger they get, the stronger they are. I fashion coat hooks out of the big ones at the campsite. They’re a must have.


Electricians Tape

“But I already have Gorilla Tape!” Here’s why you need Gorilla Tape AND electricians tape: electricians tape is stretchy. It gives you both adhesion and pressure, which provides a better solution in certain cases. The other benefit is that it doesn’t leave a bunch of residue behind when you remove it. And in case you’re wondering, yes there is a difference between 3M electricians tape and a generic brand. Ask any electrician.


Good Ol’ Sewing Kit

If you want to be prepared for anything you have to have a sewing kit. You don’t need a bulky kit with 30 colors of thread, so this minimalist one from Gear Aid does the trick. It comes with a few buttons and safety pins too, which will come in handy. If you’re not familiar with finishing knots you can learn a few here.


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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: May 28, 2019

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