7 Fruit Cutting Shortcuts To Save Time

When you’re preparing meals at the campsite or food to take along on a picnic or camping trip, you don’t want to spend a lot of time. Of course, you want great tasting food, but if there’s any way you can save some time in turning it out, that’s a big plus. Take fruit cutting, for example. Fruit’s a great thing to include in recipes and for snacking (or desserts) on its own, but sometimes it can be a real pain to do.

So, 50 Campfires scoured the internet and came up with these seven fruit cutting shortcuts to save time and headaches. Some of these are amazing! We thought the cherry tomatoes between to plates was going to be a joke!?! No way! It really worked. Several of our team love to eat pomegranate seeds, but seldom did because separating them from the shell was so danged difficult. The method we discovered and shared here is actually … well … FUN! 

Check out all seven time-saving methods, and if you need an upgrade in the cutlery department of your kitchen, we’ve been loving our Victorinox Swiss Army cutlery. It’s razor sharp right out of the package and stays that way for a looooooong time. If you know any other techniques, or better ways to make cutting these fruits even more convenient, please share in the comment sections. We’re certain that after you watch this video, you’ll be including more good-for-you fruits in your camping dishes and in your picnic baskets. Enjoy!



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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: February 27, 2018

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