No One Asked For A Tick Cake

Tick Cake? Thanks. We hate it.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors as we do, you’re familiar with the disgusting transformation that wood ticks undergo. They start out as a little brown fleck, and they don’t bother us all that much. We grew up doing “tick checks” every time we left the woods, and if you find a few, no big deal.


When they become so engorged that they can’t even walk anymore it’s just straight-up horrific. Can we all agree on that? So – we have a love/hate relationship with Katherine Key, who made this cake. It’s just…so well done. It’s actually too well done. Yes, Katherine – you did too good of a job on this one. Extra points for the “blood” on the inside though, and please don’t make any more of them.

tick cake
tick cake
tick cake
tick cake
tick cake

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Written by: sportsmenonly
Date Published: March 8, 2020

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