The GCI RoadTrip Rocker Gets Even Better With Two New Features

How great is it to hop off the hiking trail, head back to the campsite, and plop down in a camping chair? You get to kick back and enjoy what camping is all about – relaxing and disconnecting from the daily grind. Do you know what makes it even sweeter? Sitting in a rocking chair, and that’s why we’ve come to love the lineup from GCI Outdoors. They have a wide variety of rocking camp chairs, and their GCI RoadTrip Rocker just got even better.

It of course still has the Spring Action Rocking Technology that sets them apart from other chairs in the camping space, but at the user’s request, they’ve added two new features. The first thing they did was to add firm, flat armrests. Camping chairs will sometimes have cushioning wrapped around a tubular armrest, and while comfortable, it compromises stability. A flat, hard armrest is just as comfortable and makes getting up much more manageable. The second thing they did was deepen the seat. The previous version was comfortable, but some users felt that it was too tight. GCI listened and constructed it, so it cradled the user even more.

I hauled the GCI RoadTrip Rocker all over California on a recent field trip, and all I can say is that they made the right adjustments. It’s a solid chair (supports 250 lbs) that is incredibly comfortable. The fact that it still folds up like a regular camping chair is helpful too. It’s easy to pack, and you’ll be glad that you brought it along on our next trip.

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: April 25, 2019

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