Venom Steel Gloves: Review

There are plenty of dirty outdoor tasks that require dexterity. Cleaning my grill, changing the oil on my motorcycle, and emptying my firepit are all situations where I don’t want a thick pair of gloves. I have a box of nitrile gloves in the garage and they work ok, but they split pretty easily. The fingertips are usually the first to go. The folks from Venom Steel Gloves sent me an email a while back and asked me if I wanted to give them a try. Not going to lie – it wasn’t the most exciting product I’ve had come into the office for testing. I mean, they’re rubber gloves. What’s the big deal?

I didn’t touch the Venom Steel Gloves for a few weeks, and then I had to do some planting in the backyard at home. Some of it was seed and some were starts. I figured that digging around in rock and dirt was as good a test as any, to see how rugged they really were. The verdict? They lasted all afternoon, and I ended up carefully taking them off so I could use them again. I was pleasantly surprised. The “two-layer, puncture-resistant” claim held up. I’ve used them quite a few times since then and there is simply no comparison to the blue nitrile gloves I’ve been using. I spent two hours bringing my grill back to life last week, and after all the scrubbing and picking they looked like I just pulled them out of the box. As far as rubber gloves go, they’re impressive. “Mind blown” would be an overstatement, but I have to say – they have a great product here. A box of regular disposable gloves is about $10, and these are $17. Given how low 100 pairs last, I think it’s worth the extra $7.

The last thing I’ll add is that I had a plumber over to do some work the other day and noticed that had a box of Venom Steel Gloves in his five-gallon pail of tools. I said, “Hey man, I just got a box of those myself.” His response? “Best gloves I’ve been able to find.” So, they’re Clint tested and plumber approved.

$17.00 for 100

L fit me perfectly but I’m short 🙂

A coating on the inside makes them easy to pull on.

The 6-mil nitrile is impressive.

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Written by: sportsmenonly
Date Published: September 7, 2019

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