Four Introduction Rifles For The Kids In Your Family


For devoted parents, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as passing down the torch of hunting and shooting to the next generation. Witnessing the sheer delight on their faces as the echo of their shots meets freshly painted steel targets engraves indelible memories that transcend monetary value.

This shooting tradition serves as more than just a pastime; it’s a bonding ritual that echoes through generations. Teaching the art of shooting to kids goes beyond imparting responsibility; it demystifies firearms, satiating their innate curiosity. Armed with the right gear and vigilant supervision, shooting becomes an exceptionally safe endeavor. The mastery of firearms, a timeless skill, has been ingrained in our nation for centuries.

Yet, parents grapple with the challenge of teaching young shooters correctly. The initial choice of a rifle tailored to the child’s size is paramount. A rifle that suits an eight-year-old may prove less than ideal for a teenager, emphasizing the importance of considering dimensions such as length-of-pull and comb height for effective use of sights. Overlooking these aspects can lead to frustration for both the shooter and the coach.

Furthermore, selecting a cartridge that balances cost-effectiveness, minimal recoil, and reduced muzzle blast is crucial. The .22 LR emerges as a natural choice for its affordability and suitability for young shooters with shorter attention spans. Equipping the young shooter with quality sights or the option to mount optics ensures a higher chance of success and the satisfaction of hitting the mark.

The choice of the right rifle plays a pivotal role in shaping a lifelong shooting enthusiast. With only one opportunity to introduce young ones to shooting, careful consideration is imperative. Let’s delve into a closer look at four rimfire rifles tailored for youth shooters, combining the thrill of shooting with responsible firearm introduction.

Henry Golden Boy Youth Rifle

Dad showing boy mechanism of a shotgun rifle.

Embracing the rich legacy of American lever-action rifles, Henry’s Golden Boy Youth rimfire caters to the inner cowboy or cowgirl in young shooters. Compatible with .22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle ammunition, this lever action rifle boasts a brass receiver, butt plate, and barrel band. With a 13” length of pull and a 17” octagonal barrel, standard features include a brass front bead, buckhorn rear sight, and a drilled and tapped receiver for scope mounting.

Ruger Precision Rimfire

For young precision enthusiasts, Ruger’s Precision Rimfire mirrors the features of its centerfire Precision in a lighter, more compact, and cost-effective format. Remarkably adjustable, the length of the pull can be tailored between 12 and 15” without the need for tools. The M-LOK-compatible forend facilitates accessory mounting, and the threaded muzzle accommodates rimfire suppressors.

Crickett Rifles

Hunt hunting rifle

These single-shot .22LR rifles, with their 11 ½” length of pull, 16 1/8” barrels, and mere three-pound weight, are ideal for beginners. Crickett rifles can grow with the child, thanks to spacers that increase the length of pull. Available in various configurations and colors, these rifles feature simple yet serviceable iron sights, and optional rails allow for optics mounting.

Winchester Wildcat

Tailored for older children, the Winchester Wildcat is a compact, lightweight semi-automatic .22 LR with a 13 ½” length-of-pull. Offering both aperture sights and a Picatinny rail for optics mounting, this autoloader features a synthetic stock and a 10-round rotary magazine.

Choosing the right rifle for young shooters is a critical step in fostering a lasting love for shooting. Each of these rimfire rifles addresses the unique needs of youth shooters, ensuring a positive and enjoyable introduction to the world of firearms.

Have you ever purchased a rifle for your children? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below.