Game On! Selecting the Ultimate Prey for Your Shotgun

Hunting with shotguns has been a tried-and-true tradition for generations of hunters. The versatility of shotguns allows you to pursue a wide range of game, making them an excellent choice for hunters who appreciate adaptability in the field. Patriotic Blade Whether you’re new to the hunting scene or a seasoned pro, choosing the right game for your shotgun is key to a successful outing. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top game to hunt with shotguns and share valuable tips to enhance your shotgun hunting experience.

Top Game to Hunt with Shotguns

Waterfowl (Ducks and Geese)

Waterfowl hunting is a beloved pastime, especially during migration seasons. Ducks and geese are agile flyers, and shotguns are perfect for targeting these birds. Use appropriate chokes based on your preferred shooting range.

Upland Birds (Pheasants and Quail)

Upland bird hunting is a thrilling pursuit that often involves walking through fields and grasslands. Shotguns with improved cylinder or modified chokes are ideal for these fast, close-range shots.

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Small Game (Rabbits and Squirrels)

If you enjoy hunting smaller game, shotguns are still a valuable tool. Rabbits and squirrels are often found in wooded areas and are best hunted with modified or full choke shotguns.


Turkey hunting demands accuracy and precision. Choose a shotgun with a tight choke (such as extra-full) to deliver a dense pattern at longer distances.

Game Birds (Grouse and Woodcock)

Game birds inhabit diverse terrains, from forests to grasslands. Shotguns with modified or improved cylinder chokes are versatile enough to handle these birds.

Predators (Coyotes and Foxes)

For predator hunting, shotguns loaded with buckshot can be effective, especially in close encounters. However, ensure that your shotgun is legal for hunting predators in your area.

Wild Hogs

Wild hogs are tough animals, and shotguns can be used effectively for hunting them in dense brush or close quarters. Shotguns with rifled slugs are often used for hog hunting.

Home Defense and Sporting Clays

Shotguns are also valuable for home defense and recreational shooting sports like sporting clays. Choose the right ammunition and choke for these specific purposes.

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Tips for Successful Shotgun Hunting

  • Practice safe firearm handling at all times.
  • Select appropriate shot sizes and chokes based on your target.
  • Be patient and wait for a clear, ethical shot.
  • Focus on your shotgun’s pattern and effective range.
  • Familiarize yourself with local hunting regulations.

Hunting with shotguns offers a unique and rewarding experience that caters to a variety of game preferences. Whether you’re after waterfowl, upland birds, or predators, your shotgun can be your trusty companion. Remember to know your shotgun’s capabilities, practice responsible hunting, and respect the outdoors as you embark on your shotgun hunting adventures.


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