Blackstone 17 Inch Table Top Griddle : Review


Roll into your campsite. Open the hatch on your vehicle. Take out the Blackstone 17 inch Table Top Griddle – you wisely packed last to retrieve first – and place it on the end of the picnic table. Hook up your one-pound propane tank. Turn it on. You’re ready to cook!

That exactly describes our favorite thing about the Blackstone 17 inch Table Top Griddle. It’s that fast. And it’s that easy.

Of all the camping meals, breakfast can be the most enjoyable, but it can also be the biggest hassle, especially when you are the one who has to get the fire going. This griddle completely and totally eliminates that hassle factor. You’ll turn out bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausages, and be the hero of your camping crew. Is anything better than waking up in your sleeping bag to the smell of bacon cooking outside?

Even better, the Blackstone Table Top Griddle handles a lot more than just breakfast. Make burgers, steak, sauteed mushrooms, grilled cheese sandwiches … anything you’d fry or grill on the stovetop and home is just as easily made at the campsite.

Other features include a built-in drip cup for grease, rubber feet to keep the griddle solidly in place, and an adjustable heat control with a built-in igniter. We also liked the sleek, modern design. This propane powered griddle looks like you just took it off the counter in an ultra-modern kitchen and brought it to the campsite. Yet it’s so small, compact, and portable, you can easily stow it in your vehicle or in your bear box at night if there’s a risk of attracting unwelcome visitors if you leave it out while your sleeping or away.

The griddle surface is thick, rolled steel, which will become more and more non-stick as you use it and maintain it properly. Heat transfer is fast and even. You’ll be ready to cook really quickly after turning it on.

The traditionalists might shed a tear for the old cast iron skillet over the coals of a campfire, but they won’t cry for long once they’ve cooked on the Blackstone 17 inch Table Top Griddle even once.

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: May 26, 2018

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