Dovetail Workwear : Rugged Outdoor Clothing Designed And Tested By Women


We’ve been having fun telling everyone about a clothing company that we recently discovered. Their name is Dovetail Workwear, and it’s one of those brands that you explain to someone, and they immediately understand the need.

You see, there aren’t a lot of options for women when it comes to rugged workwear. Clothing manufacturers tend to “shrink it and pink it,” as they say. This often leaves women with ill-fitting clothing in stereotypical colors that leaves much to be desired. The founders of Dovetail Workwear realized this and decided to create the kind of clothing that they would like to wear during a rough workday. After extensive testing, they ended up with a line that fits all body shapes and sizes and is durable than almost anything you’ll find out there.

Nick’s sister had a chance to try them out on a recent 50 Campfires Field Trip and was impressed with the fit and number of pockets. The inspiration for the name comes from a dovetail joint in woodworking, which is an attractive, well-constructed, long-lasting piece of craftsmanship. From everything we’ve seen it’s a well-chosen name for a product that will surely find a permanent home among doers and adventurers.


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Written by: sportsmenonly
Date Published: September 6, 2018

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