Head Down, Black Guns Matter introduce ‘The Solutionary’ (VIDEO)

Georgia-based gun maker Head Down Firearms introduced The Solutionary, a rifle released in support of Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, at SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas.

To Toure, the term “solutionary” represents a mindset that promotes, above all, “practicality” as a means for ethical guidance. “It’s about seeing the issue at hand, applying answers and moving forward,” Toure said. “It’s about finding a way when others may think there’s none, seeing the best of self and applying that version of ourselves.”

Toure explained he’s lending his brand to Head Down because he thinks everyone should own an AR-15. “An AR represents simplicity, ease and solutions,” he said. “I think for our demographic, especially urban America, we have to start getting behind companies that are doing the work, that are making quality ARs at cost-effective prices.”

(Photo: Head Down Firearms)

(Photo: Head Down Firearms)

Head Down account manager Matt DeVille described The Solutionary, which is a modified version of the company’s HD15, as the first and last rifle one will ever need. The gun’s constructed from high-end materials and priced at $1,199, of which a portion of each sale goes to BGM classes and workshops. “We are very proud to support Maj and Black Guns Matter with this rifle and support his mission and what he does,” DeVille said.

Others promoting a “solutionary” lifestyle of sorts praised the collaboration. Kevin Dixie, chief instructor at N.O.C. Firearms Training, said he was impressed with both Toure and The Solutionary. “I’m glad to see a gun that is not only built on a mission, built on a lifestyle, but built with quality with Head Down being involved,” he said.

(Photo: Head Down Firearms)

(Photo: Head Down Firearms)

(Photo: Head Down Firearms)

Dixie added that he thinks The Solutionary is going to shake up the industry. “No longer do you have to go to something that is considered to be a name brand, we’re going to brand the name,” he said.

Sharod Edwards, a firearms instructor and Toure’s friend, said he was also impressed with the effort. “There’s no other company out there that has decided that they want to get behind a concept that is that hot in the nation today,” Edwards said in reference to Toure’s mission of educating inner city people about guns and gun rights.

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: February 3, 2019

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