Molon Labe: Sig Sauer Debuts Spartan II Pistol Series

SIG SAUER Spartan II Series Pistols 1911 1911 Carry P238 P938

Sig’s new Spartan II line of single-action pistols complements their original Spartan-themed set, released previously. The original Spartan series used a flashier oil-rubbed bronze PVD finish with black grips. (Photo: Sig)

Each marked with the classical expression of defiance attributed to King Leonidas, Sig Sauer’s new Spartan II series pistols make a statement.

The four models– a 1911 Full-Size and 1911 Carry, along with corresponding P238 and P938 guns– are all hammer-fired, single-action-only, all-metal pistols. Each has been given what Sig describes as a distressed coyote finish and engraved aluminum grips featuring a Spartan helmet. The same branding is included on the slide along with the Greek phrase “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” (Molon Labe), which roughly transliterates to “Come and Take It.”

Sig’s original Spartan line carries a more bronzed look. Each of the new models, all single stacks, come standard with SIGLITE night sights.

The .45ACP-caliber 1911 Full-Size and Carry rail guns ship with two 8-round magazines and include a skeletonized hammer and trigger and black surface controls. The Full-Size uses a GI-length 5-inch barrel while the Carry model runs a shorter 4.2-inch barrel.

The .380ACP-chambered P238 and 9mm P938 each come with a 7-round magazine and utilize 2.7- and 3-inch barrels, respectively.

MSRP information is not currently available.

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The P238 and P938 Spartan II Micro-Compact Pistols are now shipping! The new Spartan pistols have been completely redesigned with a distressed coyote finish. The slide is engraved with the historic Spartan phrase "MOLON LABE" ("Come and take them"). Custom grips are inlaid with the Spartan helmet to provide a bold statement finish. #SIG #NeverSettle #P238 #P938 #SpartanII

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Date Published: June 6, 2019

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