Ranier Arms adds Avalanche Mod2 charging handle to accessories

The Mod2 Avalanche Ambidextrous Charging Handle features two handles that users can swap out to fit their needs. (Photo: Ranier Arms)

Ranier Arms introduces its second iteration of the Avalanche Ambi Charging Handle for AR platform rifles, releasing the Mod2 Avalanche. Although a mouthful to say, the device benefits from its adaptable style.

Created for AR-15 rifles, the Avalanche uses an interchangeable handle that offers a custom look and feel to consumers all the while adapting to each shooters’ style. Tipping scales at 1 ounce, the Mod2 Avalanche sports two different handle styles that the shooter can choose from. based on personal preferences.

The two styles of handles allow consumers to get the look and feel that best suits them. (Photo: Ranier Arms)

The construction, made from 7075 aluminum, keeps shooters moving fast on either the strong side or support side.

“The Avalanche’s unique interchangeable handles offer a customized look and feel while supporting individual shooting styles, preserving the fast and fluid motion from either their strong side or support side,” Ranier Arms said on its site.

Offered in black, the Ranier Arms Mod2 Avalanche will feature an introductory price of $84.99 with regular MSRP resting at $94.99.

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: February 15, 2019

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