SureFire X400U, X400UH weaponlights now shipping

The X400U series offers both lumens and a laser. (Photo: SureFire)

SureFire’s weaponlight inventory broadens with the addition of new 1,000 lumen light models in the way of the X400U and X400UH models.

Available in both red and green variants, the X400U series boasts 1,000 lumens of white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection lens. The result is a tight beam that offers a longer reach in addition to peripheral lighting. In addition to the lumens, SureFire equips the X400U series with a 5-milliwatt laser sight. The laser proves useful in non-standard shooting positions as well as low-light situations, according to SureFire.

The X400U series delivers 1,000 lumens of white light. (Photo: SureFire)

SureFire says the device sports Nylok screws to ensure the unit won’t back out of place due to recoil. Activated by an ambidextrous switch at the rear of the X400U, the device offers momentary-on activation or constant-on.

“The SureFire X400U is the finest duty-grade handgun WeaponLight and laser combination available today,” SureFire said in a news release. “These will be available in the both red and green laser versions for holster compatible and non-holster compatible lights.”

The X400U and X400UH are available through SureFire with red laser variants priced at $599 and green lasers at $799.

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Date Published: December 14, 2018

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