MTN OPS Formulates New Coffee Replacement for the Sportsman

For years, coffee has been a staple of many hunting camps. As seasons extend, and mornings seem to come quicker and quicker, coffee mugs seem to grow in proportion. We love coffee for the jolt it provides, helping us make the most of our critically few mornings afield.

But, then comes the crash. Right after that mid-morning snack, sitting warm and comfortable in the blind, the drowsiness returns. It happens all too quickly, and the next thing you know you miss your opportunity. You wake in just enough time to see the mallard flying past, or to find tracks where your quarry recently walked by.

In comes MTN OPS. Known primarily for their workout supplements, MTN OPS recently entered a new category with a coffee replacement product called Hot Ignite – scientifically formulated to give you the morning jolt that coffee does, without the all-so-frustrating crash.

So, how does it work? Hot Ignites include caffeine for a quick jolt, but the secret lies in the 20+ hour release of nitric oxide for extended energy. The caffeine in coffee energizes you by shrinking your blood vessels, causing your heart to work harder to pump blood. Hot Ignites use caffeine to provide that same initial jolt, while the nitric oxide release then opens your blood vessels, making it easier for blood to pump through without elevating your heart rate. This counteracts the crash while boosting energy and focus for the rest of the hunt.

Hot Ignites are currently available at and come in a variety of flavors, including Mountain Mocha, Charged Cocoa, and Apple Cider.




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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: March 6, 2018

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