Nebraska Hunting Trip Turns Into Surprise Marriage Proposal


    A Nebraska huntress recently notched her most triumphant expedition to date. Lincoln-area hunter Samantha Camenzind not only conquered a formidable buck during a recent hunting escapade but found herself on the receiving end of a surprise marriage proposal from her partner-in-crime.


    In the heart of the wilderness, Cole Bures, Camenzind’s hunting companion, not only afforded her the coveted first shot at a trail-blazing deer but also orchestrated a mid-photo shoot proposal against the backdrop of their triumphant trophy. As the barrels cooled and the echoes of the successful hunt reverberated, Bures dropped to one knee, unveiling a ring that spoke louder than any gunshot.

    Their journey transcends the typical romance, driven by a shared passion for the hunt. Three years of dating had woven a narrative of camaraderie, not only in stalking prey but in the meticulous processing and savoring of the spoils of their shared conquests.

    Bures, a mastermind with an eye for the extraordinary, had initially suggested enlisting a professional photographer to immortalize their conquest. Little did Camenzind know, the lens would capture a life-altering moment. Amidst the frames showcasing their hard-won victory, Bures seized the moment.

    The inspiration for this bold move came from the annals of hunting lore, a friend’s tale of a similar surprise unfolding amidst the rugged landscapes of Alaska.

    As the couple now sets their sights on a future filled with love and shared adventures, they contemplate a wedding date, perhaps in the coming fall. Yet, one thing is certain – their union will not transpire during hunting season.