Perfect Prey: Top Hunted Animals and Fish in The Summer

White tailed deer buck

As hunters, our connection to nature is profound, and hunting plays a vital role in our self-reliance and sustenance. Summer marks a fruitful time for hunting in America, with various game animals and fish in their prime season. In this article, we will explore the top hunted animals and fish during the summer, providing valuable insights for survivalists looking to supplement their provisions and embrace the hunter-gatherer spirit. From deer and turkey to trout and bass, these species offer abundant opportunities for sustenance and honing our hunting skills.

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White-Tailed Deer

In the summer, white-tailed deer are often sought after by survivalists. Bucks are growing antlers, and does may be nursing fawns, making them more active and visible. Familiarize yourself with local hunting regulations, obtain the necessary licenses, and practice stealth and patience for a successful deer hunt. The meat provides nutrient-rich sustenance, and various parts can be utilized for tools and materials.

Wild Turkey

The summer season offers an opportunity for turkey hunting as well. During this time, male turkeys, known as toms or gobblers, are still displaying their mating behavior, making them more responsive to calls. Study turkey behavior, practice effective calling techniques, and camouflage yourself well to increase your chances of a successful hunt. The meat of wild turkey is delicious and provides a lean protein source.

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For survivalists near rivers, streams, or mountainous regions, trout fishing in the summer can be highly rewarding. Trout are active and feeding, making them more receptive to bait or lures. Research local fishing regulations, acquire the necessary permits, and equip yourself with appropriate gear. Trout offers a delectable protein source, and various cooking methods can enhance its flavor in a survivalist’s campfire kitchen.


Bass fishing is another exciting option for survivalists in the summer. With warmer waters, bass become more active and eager to strike. Research the behavior patterns of different bass species in your region and adapt your fishing techniques accordingly. Bass provides not only a delicious meal but also an opportunity to practice your fishing skills and improve your angling prowess.

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As survivalists, hunting and fishing are integral parts of our self-reliance and connection to the natural world. In the summer, prime hunting opportunities arise with white-tailed deer and wild turkeys displaying their distinctive behavior. Meanwhile, trout and bass fishing provide ample opportunities to test our angling skills. By immersing ourselves in the hunting and fishing experiences during this month, we not only supplement our provisions with nutrient-rich meat but also deepen our understanding of nature and cultivate our survivalist capabilities. So gear up, embrace the wilderness, and let the prime prey fuel your journey as a skilled and self-sufficient survivalist.   *This article contains 3rd party affiliate offers*