15 Things To Put In Your Dental Emergency Kit


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Have you ever had a really bad toothache? I’m not talking about the kind you can dull with a few pain pills. I’m talking about the kind that keeps you up all night in excruciating pain no matter what you take. That’s what happened to me a few years back. Fortunately, I got to the dentist the next morning. But what if this had happened during a grid-down scenario?

If you have a dental emergency and there are no dentists available, there are some specific things you’ll need in order to deal with it. In this post, I tell you exactly what you should put in your dental emergency kit and why. Take care of this now because after the SHTF it will be too late.

15 Things To Put In Your Dental Emergency Kit

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: February 28, 2018

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