Are They Suitable For Long Term Survival?


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Ya know, having a survival

bunker only really seems like a bad idea to people who don’t have one. I cannot imagine having access to one of these shelters and being upset about it. Of course, there are things like in fathomable cost that make the idea of bunkers something that is out of reach for many. That is sad, too because most people could afford a little something to hide out in in case of the worst.

Still, this article explores something that is very interesting and that is the question of whether or not bunker life is a long term solution. In other words, how long could you last down in a bunker with your family? How long until you all went crazy. Of course, bunker size has a lot to do with that but there is no denying it would be a struggle.

Underground Bunkers: Are They Suitable For Long Term Survival?

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: March 9, 2018

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