DIY Filtered Duck Pond and Shower


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Harvesting eggs is such an incredible opportunity for protein production in the backyard. There is a next level of proficiency that you achieve when you have something in your backyard that is providing you with a food as nutrient dense as the egg. What we often forget is that chickens are not the only winged creatures that can produce delicious eggs. Some people swear by keeping quails! Not my cup of tea but still something worth considering.

This article is about one of the very important things it takes to keep ducks. You need to provide them with a duck pond. They will love their little pond and in return you will get those big delicious eggs. Duck eggs are a serious delicacy. This little guys love the water. The creation in this article also offers a shower for them as well.

DIY Filtered Duck Pond and Shower


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Written by: sportsmenonly
Date Published: March 3, 2018

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