Homestead Homeschooling: Year 3


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School is becoming an obsolete idea. Not the idea that children should be taught but the methods and model that is used in public school is just getting to be a bit much. In fact, its a scary! The risks of putting a child through public school are growing each year. Every time we see a maniac shoot up a school its hard to believe that have reached a point where we shuffle our kids off into a place where they are put at risk.

This is an article about homeschooling. Its an article about the idea of teaching your kid yourself. Its the idea that you can get it done better than a single teacher who is up against 30 kids and is overwhelmed. There are many parents, all over the nation, who are considering the same thing. Public school needs an overhaul and you may not want your kid to be a part of that overhaul.

Homestead Homeschooling: Year 3

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Written by: sportsmenonly
Date Published: March 4, 2018

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