How to Make a Bacon Grease Emergency Candle


Why Every Family Should Have a Survival Seed Bank

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The DIY never stops for the prepper.  In a true survival situation your ability to adapt and overcome will be all that stands between you and death. The more items you can manipulate to your benefit, the better your chances will be. Of course, we must remember that there are no guarantees in life and the same will be true of any collapse of society. Still, I cannot help but get a kick out of articles like these.

How about using all that bacon grease as a means to create light? Would you have ever imagined that that grease, in the ball jar on your counter, could be used for anything other than applications of the culinary kind?  That is whole reason we practice and do what we do, so when the time comes we can make miracles happen and make like out of bacon grease.

How to Make a Bacon Grease Emergency Candle

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: March 8, 2018

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