Natural Chicken First Aid


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Chickens die. Its just part of the deal. They don’t die of old age. When I first started considering raising chickens I asked about what I would do when a chicken stopped laying eggs. The person I was speaking to told me, ” They will never get that old.” Its the truth. Even in the comfort of a well built chicken coop, being fed daily and living a pretty good chicken life, chickens die. Still, they also encounter a ton of things that will try to take them out but cannot.

This is a great article about how to care for your chickens naturally. The whole point of raising birds is to assure you have access to either pure meat or eggs. If you have to fill them with antibiotics to keep them healthy, well, you are doing the same thing as those in the supermarket.

Natural Chicken First Aid

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Written by: sportsmenonly
Date Published: March 1, 2018

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