Start a Mushroom Farming Business at Home


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If you like mushrooms and you’re interested in earning money from growing things, you might consider a mushroom farming business. Specialty mushroom growers are sprouting up all over, and can be a great home based business to start as a side hustle.

If you’re already a market gardener, growing mushrooms are a great addition to your produce selections. But even if you’re not yet growing for profit, or even gardening, you can grow mushrooms even if you don’t have a lot of space.

It’s recommended to start with just one type of mushroom before expanding your inventory. Even better, start by growing enough for your family to see how it goes and how you like doing it.

Most Popular Mushroom to Forage

Morel mushrooms are one of the more popular American gourmet mushrooms and command a high price at retail at as much as $20 per pound fresh and $15 per ounce, dried. However, morels are a difficult mushrooms to grow. If you live in or near the woods and forests you can hunt for and harvest your own, but it would take a lot to find enough to sell.

Morel mushrooms are popular, but are difficult to grow.


If you live in or near the woods where there are a lot of oak, elm, aspen and ash trees, you may discover a treasure trove of morels to harvest in late March through May. The later in spring, the larger and more of a prize it will be.

As with any mushroom, you can eat morels fresh, cooked and dried. If you do find good crops on or around your land, your best bet for selling them might be to contact local high end restaurants and ask if they’re interested in buying wild-harvested morels. Check your local food distributors and grocers like Whole Foods to find out how much they’re selling for per pound in your area. Your local extension service may also have some of that information.

For the price of dried morels you can also check the price on Amazon to get a sense of the average price online.

Most Popular Mushrooms to Grow at Home

Some of the most popular mushrooms to grow at home are oyster mushrooms and shitake mushrooms because they’re the easiest. The simplest way to get started to see if you think you’re going to like doing more of this is to buy a mushroom growing kit.

You can get mushroom growing kits on Amazon for under $20, such as this popular shiitake mushroom growing kit

or oyster mushroom kit.

If you want to read more about growing your own oyster and shiitake mushrooms, you may enjoy this homegrown article.

If you want to read more about growing mushrooms for profit, you may enjoy this mushroom farmers story that started with growing mushrooms in her basement!

We wish you the best in your growing endeavors!

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: March 5, 2018

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