Why You May Want To Buy A Blackphone If You Are a Prepper


Many of you may have heard about this device recently. I think it’s a great phone for us preppers to have. Check out why I think this below.

What is blackphone?

The Blackphone on it’s own is an Android 4.4 smartphone with a specific private OS (operating system) which will bring you different encryption services. The Blackphone is a joint venture, Geekphone a Spanish company and an American company called silent circle.

The phone is available for sale today for $629 dollars. Now that price is a great price when you consider that you can buy a plan from silent circle to encrypt you current cell phone for around $1500. So if you buy the Blackphone, you get that with the phone. Makes sense to just by this new phone to me.

What do you get with Blackphone?

With the Blackphone you get encrypted messaging, encrypted OS system and safe 2 way conferencing calls. With the Blackphone you have additional layers that you can’t get with any-other phone.

Silent Circle Services are multi platform so that means people with iOS (iphone) can download the services via the app store but will never be as encrypted as the Blackphone.

Who would benefit from getting the Blackphone?

If you are security minded, if you want guarantees that your text messages are secure, that your OS is secure and that your phone is pretty much non “hackable” this phone is for you. Silent Circle has been verified for a long time so their services on a phone make perfect sense. If you are a prepper it may make you feel more comfortable having this sort of phone.

As I said earlier, you can buy the services with out for phone but when you buy the Blackphone, you actually get 3 accounts with Silent Circle, so you can have your family download the services and all be secure. for the one price of $629. See the hands on and get more info…

Why You May Want To Buy A Blackphone If You Are a Prepper

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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: February 26, 2018

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