Why You Should Include Cash in Your EDC


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The amount cash that is being saved by Americans is terrifying. We are a plastic society. More than half of all Americans do not have access to enough cash to survive for two months. This is a real problem! ATMs only give out 300 per day and after that you are left to wait 24 hours. I have always been a huge proponent of carrying some cash. It’s a good idea to stash cash as well. That is why this article really resonated with me. I think as a community we are really overthinking several aspects of what we do in the prepper niche. EDC is one of those in particular.

This article really shines a light on one of the more common things that we all should be carrying. Even in a short term disaster cash can get you a ride home from anyone when plastic only works with cabs and Ubers. Enjoy!

Why You Should Include Cash in Your EDC


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Written by: Sportsmen Only
Date Published: March 12, 2018

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