The August Hunter’s Guide: Prime Game to Target this Month

Herd of wild hogs rooting in the forest for food

The month of August might feel like an in-between period for most hunting enthusiasts, as it sits precariously between the relaxed days of summer and the much-anticipated big game season of fall. But for those in the know, this month provides ample hunting opportunities if you know where to look. Here’s your guide to making the most of August’s hunting season.

Squirrels: Nature’s Nimble Foragers

Small Squirrel Game Hunting.

August sees the beginning of squirrel season in several states. As they prepare for the upcoming fall, both gray and fox squirrels become increasingly active, making them perfect targets. Whether you’re silently stalking them amidst hardwood forests or observing their antics near feeding grounds, they offer a rewarding experience.

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Prairie Dogs: The Sharpshooter’s Delight

prairie dog in northern Arizona

Venture out to the vast landscapes of the West, and you’ll find prairie dog towns bustling with life. These agile critters, with their keen senses, are a challenge even for the seasoned hunter. Armed with a .22 LR or a specialized varmint-caliber centerfire rifle, this hunt doubles up as a valuable lesson in precision shooting.

Feral Hogs: The Boar’s Bounty

Wild boar in forest

In places like Texas, where I cut my hunting teeth, feral hogs are more than just game – they’re a menace. The upside? They can be hunted year-round, and August is as good a month as any. With rapid reproduction rates and notorious for their destructive behavior, hunters are often welcomed by grateful landowners looking to curb the hog menace.

Coyotes: Moonlit Predators

A camouflaged hunter kneels beside his tracking dogs while hunting coyote

August nights witness heightened coyote activity. Whether it’s the demands of feeding their young or the simple rhythms of nature, this is the month when the coyote truly comes alive. While they offer a thrilling chase, remember to always check your local regulations, especially if you’re hunting them during the night.

Groundhogs: The Eastern Challenge

Groundhog near a tree

For hunters based in the East and Midwest, groundhogs present a fantastic opportunity. Active throughout August, they feast on the abundant soybeans, alfalfa, and other fresh produce, often causing considerable damage to crops. For those with a penchant for long-range shooting, this is your game.

Early Goose Seasons: A Bird Watcher’s Delight

successful goose hunting

Certain northern terrains open their goose seasons in the latter part of August. These initial seasons are primarily focused on the local Canada geese populations, providing a warm-up of sorts before the significant migrations kick in.

August might not have the allure of the big game seasons, but for the discerning hunter, it’s a goldmine. Whether it’s the playful squirrels, the elusive coyotes, or the majestic geese, there’s an adventure waiting at every corner. So gear up, check those local regulations, and embark on a hunting journey this August. As always, hunt responsibly, respect the animals, and the land. Here’s to great hunting stories and even better memories!


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