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Chest Rigs

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Chest Rig

Pouches for ammunition closeup. Weapons and ammunition

Carrying heavy quantities of gear rarely ends up being the greatest part of a hunting excursion

Too much load hinders our mobility and it also affects our spine and posture. Why is it that we have customized containers and storage bags when we travel but nothing is designed for hunting missions?

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Fret not, Fellow Hunters. We have “Right Chest Rig” as a solution to our loading problem. It is defined as a piece of gear that can be worn on your chest to hold tactical equipment, such as magazines, a radio, knives, and other useful tools. They provide unmatched convenience that is unmatched by any other bearing equipment. Though it may appear that picking a chest rig is a breeze , there are a few considerations in selecting one.

Things to Consider…


Every chest rig is not automatically customizable. Many users view it as the principal advantage of using this piece of load-bearing machinery. Chest rigs may be categorized into two groups: fixed and configurable, depending on their level of customizability.

Customizable Chest Rigs
Custom unbranded assault chest rig on white background isolated front photo
Clean MOLLE chest rigs have no pre-attached pouches or pockets, allowing the user to customize it with whatever pouches they need for their mission. Thus you can choose what pouches will be mounted and in which order. This makes them highly versatile and customizable. However, you’d need to purchase additional pouches separately (more often than not, though there are exceptions). A rig like that is not functional on its own unless you need a way to add a note of “tacticality” to your look.

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Fixed Chest Rigs

Camouflage, Chest Rig and a Full Protective Mask

Fixed-pouch chest rigs come with pre-attached pockets and pouches that cannot be removed or replaced. While this limits the versatility of the rig, it also makes it easier for users who don’t want to buy additional components or spend time configuring their rig. Fixed-pouch chest rigs also tend to be more affordable than clean MOLLE ones since they come with all the necessary components already attached.

Overall, neither kind is better than the other. Depending on a user’s demands and tastes, both chest rigs offer benefits and drawbacks. While fixed-pouch MOLLE chest rigs are easier to use right out of the box, clean MOLLE chest rigs provide greater mobility. Choose a fixed chest rig if you don’t want to invest further funds in pouches or additional time finding out where to position them to meet all weight-distribution standards. Customizable chest rigs will suit your demands if you are proficient in pouch arrangement and wanted a precise fit.

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Carrier System Type

The type of chest rig carrier system used can have a significant impact on the user experience. The way the weight is distributed across your chest depends on the configuration of the harness. It also specifies how easy it is to put on and take off the chest gear.

Two primary types of chest rig carrier systems are the X-Harness and H-Harness. The X-Harness is a more traditional design that consists of two shoulder straps connected by a single cross strap in the back. This type of harness provides good support for heavier loads but can be uncomfortable if worn while running.

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The H-Harness is a newer and more popular design that features two shoulder straps connected by two cross straps in the back. This type of harness distributes the weight more evenly across the shoulders and provides better comfort when carrying heavy loads for long periods. These chest rigs are also easier to take on and off.

Chest Rig Molle

Carrying Capacity

Typically, chest rigs are purchased for carrying things. And that material often has a weight. A chest rig can only support so much weight, generally speaking. Of course, the phrase “only so much” is relative; the volume varies depending on the type of chest ring. The size of chest rigs has a direct impact on how much weight they can support; the bigger the chest rig, the more weight it can support. As a result, there are three primary types of chest rigs: light, medium, and heavy, depending on their weight capacities.

Light chest rigs are designed for users who need only a few items such as magazines or small tools. They have or can mount fewer pouches than other types of chest rigs but offer greater mobility due to their lightweight construction. They are also more concealable than other types of chest rigs.

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Medium chest rigs are ideal for those who need more storage space but don’t want the bulkiness of a heavy-duty chest rig. These typically have either several differently-sized pouches (some for magazine-sized items, others for smaller objects) or plenty of MOLLE space for mounting them.

Heavy-duty chest rigs are designed for those who need maximum carrying capacity and durability. These typically feature numerous mag pouches that can fit AK/AR mags, pistol mags, flashlights and other small tools in addition to a main compartment with plenty of space for additional items.

We’ve just covered the technical details of the chest rig up to this point. While important, those are not the only things we consider. It’s important to take into account factors like accessibility and utilization.

Intended Usage

All chest rigs are created with tactical scenarios in mind. This is where they came from and this is what they remain today. However, as you’ve seen above, there are several varieties of chest rigs and some of them might be more suitable for particular tasks than others.

Consider leisure activities as an example. You put on a chest rig to keep a few necessities nearby, such as first aid kits or a compass. Do you need a Hard-Duty Super-Customizable Chest Rig 3000? The chances are you don’t, because you also have a backpack, and the chest ring isn’t your primary load-bearing piece. You’d want your rig to be lightweight and all the pouches to be readily accessible and easy to reach. You also might not need a customizable rig since utility is a bigger priority. Additionally, the manufacturer normally balances up the pouches in premade chest rigs, so you can’t (or are less likely to) distribute the weight incorrectly.

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The same goes for recreational shooting and airsoft. You will benefit from having your mags close by, and for that a chest rig with a single pouch in the center area is a poor choice. You’ll need something with several mag pouches attached. However, going to such extremes as buying fully customizable chest rigs might be overkill. Unless you are looking to get into the shoes of a military person, even if for just a moment or two.

It makes perfect sense that chest rigs made their way from the military to the general public. They provide you the ability to store all of your requirements close at hand. Chest rigs are available in a range of configurations, so you may pick one that suits your requirements specifically. The first choice is a heavy-duty (and less flexible) chest rig that is very configurable. The second alternative is a fixed chest rig that has everything planned out, including pouch location and weight distribution. Which one suits you the best? You are the only one who can make the choice.


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