Tragic Hunting Incident in Yolo County


In a devastating turn of events, a father-son hunting trip in rural Yolo County took a tragic turn, resulting in the accidental death of the father. The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office reported that a 13-year-old boy unintentionally shot and killed his father during a duck hunting expedition near Dunnigan on County Line Road.

The unfortunate incident occurred just after 7 a.m. in an area known for its popularity among duck hunters due to the presence of ducks attracted to the flooded rice fields. The hunters in the region, though not acquainted with the affected family, expressed solidarity in the tight-knit community.

Emergency Response

Detectives revealed that the boy, realizing the severity of the situation, promptly called 911 for assistance after accidentally shooting his father. Emergency responders arrived on the scene to find the young hunter attempting CPR on his father. Despite their efforts, the tragedy unfolded, leaving the hunting community in shock.

Experienced hunters Matt Jones and John Zendejas, who were in the vicinity in their duck blinds, emphasized the paramount importance of safety during hunting trips. They highlighted the vigilance required, particularly when hunting with younger individuals, stressing the need for constant reminders about firearm handling and safety protocols.

As the community grapples with the aftermath, questions linger about the circumstances surrounding the tragic accident. Detective Matt Wirick indicated that, based on the information available, it appears to be a very unfortunate accident. The impact on the young hunter, who now bears the weight of a fatal mistake, is immeasurable.

The Future of the Young Hunter

Father teaching his son about gun safety and proper use on hunting in nature

Both the father and son possessed valid hunting licenses, indicating compliance with state regulations. The incident prompts contemplation on the long-term effects on the young hunter, who may now find himself reluctant to pursue a pastime he likely once dreamed of learning from his father or grandfather.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a somber reminder to the hunting community about the critical need for unwavering adherence to safety practices. As experienced hunters, it is incumbent upon us to reinforce these principles, ensuring that the joy of the hunt does not succumb to avoidable tragedies.