Wild Pursuits: Top Animals to Hunt as Summer Ends

big game hunting trip in Wyoming

As summer’s heat wanes and the first hints of fall set in, America’s vast landscapes come alive with some of the most sought-after big game. For hunters, this is a crucial time, a golden window before autumn fully descends. Here’s a breakdown of the premier big game to focus on as summer draws to a close.

White-Tailed Deer

The most popular game animal in the U.S., white-tailed deer are found across the nation. They begin their pre-rut activities in late summer, making it a perfect time for hunters to set their sights on a mature buck. Their predictability during this phase makes them a prime target.

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As summer’s end approaches, elk begin their iconic rutting season. The bugling of bull elk becomes a mesmerizing call for hunters. Western states like Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming are top destinations for pursuing these magnificent animals.

Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorns, often called antelope, are another exciting summer end hunt. Their speed and agility make them a challenging yet rewarding hunt. The vast plains of states like Wyoming and Montana provide ample opportunities for spot-and-stalk hunts.

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Black Bears

While black bears can be hunted in both spring and fall, the late summer provides a unique chance to target them as they go on a feeding frenzy in preparation for hibernation. Look to the woodlands and forest fringes in states like Maine and Alaska for the best opportunities.

Mountain Goats

Rugged and hardy, mountain goats are a challenge reserved for seasoned hunters. Their habitats, high in the rocky mountains of states like Colorado and Washington, make them a tough, but thrilling quarry as summer winds down.

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Hunting big game at the end of summer requires strategy, patience, and a keen understanding of the animals’ behaviors during this transitional phase. As the days get shorter and nights cooler, hunters have the unique chance to experience the wild in its full glory. So, gear up, ensure your permits are in order, and head out into the wild to make the most of America’s end-of-summer hunting treasures. And always, hunt responsibly and ethically, ensuring the continued abundance of these majestic creatures for generations to come.


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